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Menopause Support

Are you experiencing any of these?

    Hot flashes/night sweats

    Weight gain 


    Decreased libido or painful intercourse

    Fatigue or irritability


    Brain fog

Overwhelm or confusion

Panic attacks or anxiety


Irregular or heavy periods

Urinary incontinence

Dry skin

Thinning hair

Your hormone levels may be out of balance or depleted. This can be a challenging time for many women. When approaching or in menopause you need extra support at this time, and I can help. Using a holistic approach, I start with a thorough evaluation to understand the root cause of your symptoms. We then work together to develop a personalized plan for you. My goal is to help eliminate your symptoms so that you can return to living the vibrant life you desire.

Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Some women need the support of bioidentical hormone therapy to restore and maintain hormone balance. Bioidentical hormones are biologically identical to hormones produced by our bodies. They are prescribed through a compounding pharmacy providing customized dosing to match your unique need and body chemistry, instead of a “one size fits all” approach offered by off-the-shelf hormones.


Toxins are all around us. Over time, the buildup of these toxins from the environment and lifestyle choices can compromise our health, causing chronic disease or unpleasant symptoms. When you become aware of what you eat and the environment that surrounds you, you can start to make better choices to decrease your toxic load. 


I typically start my patients off with a detoxification protocol. This can kick start improvement in symptoms as well as help you make important dietary changes that will benefit you in the long run. I also make recommendations and provide resources on living a detoxification lifestyle, which serves to decrease your exposure to toxins and optimize your body's ability to eliminate toxins. This plays a vital role in living a life of wellness and avoiding negative health consequences. 


Our body's ability to maintain health is affected by so many forces -- life stressors, transitions and tipping points, relationships, work-life imbalance, family concerns, finances. These all affect our behavior, lifestyle choices, and ultimately our health.

My services would not be complete without listening to you as a whole person dealing with all aspects of your life. I'm here to help you by finding the root causes of your symptoms, and empowering you to combat them. My recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle adjustments can make all the difference.