© 2018 by Carolyn Krieg, DO

“I chose osteopathic instead of allopathic medicine because osteopaths are most open to combining alternative with conventional approaches. This means we can broaden the scope of our care and address the whole person’s need for balance between body, mind and spirit. While the D.O. receives the same training as the M.D., we are additionally guided by the belief that the body has innate self-healing capabilities and that our mission is to facilitate this.”

I'm a health nut and have a passion for everything wellness. I believe that our bodies are our temple and we must respect and treat our body well. After all, it's the only one we have! I pride myself on living a health conscious lifestyle.


My calling in life is to promote wellness and inspire others. I'm driven to help patients understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and help them facilitate their body's own natural ability to heal. My journey has led me to Functional Medicine, which is a paradigm shift in how we look at health issues and address chronic disease. It provides a new set of lenses to help us understand the complex systems that determine why we get sick and how we heal. Over the last 10 years of learning, living, and embracing Functional Medicine, I'm certain it's where I'm meant to be. I'm excited about the growing popularity and future prospects of Functional Medicine because I truly believe it will eventually be mainstream and will turn the tides of our growing health care crisis. 


I've always had a special interest in women's health, and through my own personal experience understand the special transition of menopause and how it's frequently misunderstood. Many of us suffer needlessly with severe symptoms during this transition. Every woman is unique and I approach each patient with compassion and work with her to develop a personalized plan.